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About Us ~ History

Springvale Public Library History

The Springvale Public Library began as the Springvale Literary Club in May 1906.  Members paid $1.00 a year to belong.  When a total of $107 was collected, the club bought some books and deposited them in the store of Frank H. Dexter.  Mr. Dexter was hired as librarian with a salary of $15.00 per year.  On July 15, 1907 the Club turned over its money to the newly formed Springvale Library Association.  Mrs. Angelette (Angie) Gile began her 31 year tenure as librarian in July 1921.  In 1927, the library was incorporated as the Springvale Public Library Association and moved to its new quarters on the second floor of the Springvale National Bank building.  In January 1934, the library moved to the Bradford Block on Main Street, because the rent was somewhat less.  On June 9, 1938, after several years of fundraising, the Association purchased the Charles H. Frost house on Main Street and converted it to a library.  A beautiful adult reading room was added on the second floor in 1958 and a children's library, also on the second floor, in 1962.  The genealogy room was officially opened in 1982 after bookcases were added in the second floor reading room.  1000 volumes of Maine history and genealogy, many of them donations, were added to this room.  With funds received from the L. Orlo Williams estate, the library underwent a major renovation and expansion in 2000.  In May of that year, the library moved to temporary quarters in the Anderson Learning Center until the library project was completed in August 2001.

Jagger Mill BellThe Bell

The bell from the Jagger Mill has been given to the Library and has found a home on the patio outside the Children's Room.  It was first hung in 1841 and was used to toll the hours from 9 in the evening to 4 in the morning for the villagers of Springvale.  It was also used in conjunction with the bells of the Baptist and Free Baptist churches as the village alarm.

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