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Support Your Library!

The Springvale Public Library Association needs financial support from the community to sustain vital services and programs.  Your gifts go to meet a variety of needs, and may be designated for certain kinds of support if you wish.  

All gifts are gratefully acknowledged and are tax deductible.

Gift Giving Opportunities

Annual Support
Join the Trustees in annual gift giving to the library.  The Annual Appeal goes out during November and envelopes are available in the library if you are not yet on our mailing list.

Memorial Donations
Honor a memory with a gift of money.

Purchase Items on Our Wish Lists

Future Access
Sponsor technology in the library.

Create a Memorial Fund
Underwrite a fund in the name of the person who passed on.

Endowment Donations
Support an increased endowment to insure sustainable library budgets in the future.

Remember the Springvale Public Library Association in a will.

Gifts of Stocks or Property
Designate the Library as a recipient of dividends or property.

Program Fund
Sponsor a program.

Building Preservation
Make a donation toward the long-range preservation of the Library.

Business Matching Funds
Some employers will match your personal gift with a corporate gift to a non-profit organization.

Grant Matching Funds
Jumpstart a grant application with a monetary donation that can be applied to the process.

Call 324-4624 and speak to Chip Schrader with any questions or ideas.

                                   443 Main Street, Springvale, Maine 04083 | (207)324-4624